Best NFT Consulting Agencies in 2022

Best NFT Consulting Agencies in 2022

In today’s cutthroat business climate, there is no shortage of blockchain-based NFT businesses vying for consumer attention. NFT projects and individual creators are increasingly turning to NFT consulting services to help them make the most of their NFT resources to acquire a foothold in their respective marketplaces. As a result, the need for reputable and knowledgeable consulting firms that can offer direction and assistance is rising in tandem with the popularity of NFT solutions. 

What is an NFT consulting agency?

A successful NFT project requires more than just a great idea. An NFT consulting agency can provide the necessary expertise, technical proficiency, and industry savvy to fill in the gaps and ensure a project’s success. With a team of knowledgeable professionals from across the industry, these firms can provide invaluable guidance and strategies necessary for scaling above the competition.

NFT consulting agencies are essentially a one-stop shop for projects, offering a plethora of resources, extensive networks, and access to essential services and technologies. Moreover, they serve as a bridge, connecting projects to key industry stakeholders such as sponsors, partners, influencers, regulators, and investors, all of whom are integral to the project or collection’s success. While hiring an NFT agency might help a project scale up fast,  employing the services of the wrong agency can limit the project’s full potential or even jeopardize project success. Some factors must be considered before hiring an NFT consulting agent. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The agency’s consulting expertise and experience in the crypto and NFT markets.
  • The Clients’ history and reviews.
  • The Fee structure.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Specialized NFT consulting services available.

NFT Consulting Agencies Services

  1. Advertisement/Marketing: NFT consulting agencies typically offer advertising and marketing packages to generate the attention and hype necessary to build investors’ interest, NFT value and set benchmark prices. Additionally, they can help develop user-centric marketing tactics to target the right audience and sell digital assets. 
  2. Strategy Formulation: NFT consulting agencies give their clients the tools needed to succeed. From creating a strategic plan and roadmap to develop, grow and sustain their projects to devising digital strategies and utilities to keep the project alive and its community involvement.
  3. Project Funding: NFT consulting agencies can leverage their expansive connections with influencers, venture capitalists, and corporations to secure funding and other essential resources for the NFT projects they consult on, by presenting them with well-formulated ideas.
  4. Project Launchpad: NFT consulting agencies can be instrumental in helping projects get off the ground, from creating NFTs and smart contracts to tokenization and minting. They can provide marketplaces for NFTs, assist with ICO launches, and develop wallets, dApps, and other tools for a smooth user experience.
  5. Community Management: NFT consulting agencies are essential for nurturing communities, the bedrock of any NFT project. They can help to grow the fan base on various social media platforms, comprehend and engage with the various activities occurring in their ecosystems, and even construct DAOs to give them democratically controlled communities, where decisions are made through votes.

Best NFT consulting Agencies in 2022

Consulting firms have been key industry players since the introduction of software development firms until the advent of fintech and crypto startups, and they have a long track record of success. This list, on the other hand, will concentrate on agencies that provide more NFT-focused consulting services.


Crowdcreate is a well-known marketing and strategy agency that offers comprehensive marketing services to projects to boost visibility, raise capital, and increase sales. The agency leverages its extensive network of creators, influencers, and investors who have helped shape the blockchain marketing sector to launch effective campaigns for NFT projects, introducing them to relevant stakeholders and expanding their reach. Crowdcreate, as an industry leader, delivers refined NFT token development services and high-quality NFT marketplaces on time. 

Forbes magazine named Crowdcreate the top bitcoin growth marketing agency in 2018, and to demonstrate their expertise in the crypto and NFT industries, the agency has consulted for top companies and projects such as 

Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Solana Network, Pastel, and Cointelegraph.

Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory is another leading NFT advertising agency that offers comprehensive and innovative solutions to assist NFT projects in designing and developing NFT platforms from the ground up, with cutting-edge security protocols and advanced marketing and promotional services to reach target audiences through innovative digital marketing tactics.  The company’s experienced engineering and development team is well-versed in the latest blockchain and NFT technologies and has the technical knowledge and expertise to provide end-to-end support for NFTs, from design, development, and deployment to maintenance and upgrades. 

Polygon Network, Shell, McDonald’s, and several other small and large-scale projects work with Blockchain App Factory on their cryptocurrency and NFT ventures.


NeoReach is a data-driven marketing and consultancy firm that specializes in providing web3-based tailored solutions for promotional campaigns, customer turnover, and paid advertising from influencer profiles on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. The agency has extensive expertise in blockchain-powered marketing and does not focus on a single component of a project’s life cycle, but rather supports numerous aspects of the project from beginning to end. 

With a track record of working with big-name clients such as Walmart, Amazon, and Airbnb, NeoReach provides encompassing NFT-focused solutions, including software and API to monitor campaigns and tools to facilitate minting processes, NFT market sales, and other project development needs.


AppDupe is a leading NFT development agency comprised of specialized marketers, developers, and blockchain experts that offers end-to-end NFT solutions to assist businesses in creating, minting, and marketing their NFTs. The agency provides specialized NFT marketing and consulting services to assist businesses in easily accessing the world of NFTs and reaping the benefits that come with it. AppDupe’s specialized marketplace also allows users to mint their works into NFTs and tokenize them on a blockchain network before listing them on a trading platform. 

AppDupe’s NFT development services not only enable projects to create outstanding NFTs that incorporate both intangible and tangible assets but also implement marketing campaigns that target specific customer demographics to assist the project in reaching target audiences and scaling up in the NFT market.


NotanotherNFT is a consulting firm that specializes in NFT projects that prioritize education, business integration, and community building. The agency is staffed with experienced crypto and NFT experts who provide insights on market happenings and trends, as well as tools to assist them in safely and profitably navigating the NFT space. NotanotherNFt achieves this by focusing on four cardinal points: 

  • Latest NFT and Web3 News: Up-to-date reports on the most recent developments in the NFT and broader crypto market that may impact the profitability and prospects of a project. 
  • Education Hub: Materials and experts’ advice on how to market navigation, positioning, networking, asset security, strategy management, and new practices.
  • Consultation and Business Integration: Consulting service packages for promotional campaigns for audience targeting, community building, project funding, and NFT integration. 
  • NFT Project Launchpad: Project management services, NFT development, as well as marketing strategies geared toward an NFT project’s pre-launch, launch, and post-launch activities.

NotanotherNFT also hosts NFT events to connect investors, project developers, and industry stakeholders to build a network of like-minded investors who want to profitably navigate the space while also learning about the market.

Bottom Line

NFT consulting firms provide a full range of services to startups developing and launching NFTs in a variety of markets. Leveraging their expertise in NFT development, tokenization, and marketing can help projects in mitigating costly mistakes and make the most of their NFT investments.