ChatGpt Drives Crypto Twitter to a Frenzy

ChatGpt Drives Crypto Twitter to a Frenzy

Newly released AI, ChatGpt has got Crypto Twitter buzzing and there are arguments that this technology could rival blockchain technology as the next big thing in Tech. The co-founder, Sam Altman made the announcement about its public launch in a tweet


  • Newly released AI, ChatGpt has got Crypto Twitter buzzing.
  • Elon Musk believes we are not that far from dangerously strong AI.

OpenAI, a research-based company in San Francisco released its prototype AI chatbot which has garnered a lot of traction from tech enthusiasts and crypto twitter alike. This is owing to the fact that the chatbot has been able to produce human-like detailed answers to code, draft articles, write codes, smart contracts and even draft out business plans.

One of the shocking revelations is that the AI ChatGpt can exploit smart contracts and crypto enthusiasts believe the world might be coming to an end.

Some developers however are not threatened by the rise of ChatGpt and believe that AI and blockchain can have a confluence, rather than posing a challenge to the blockchain, it could make the application of blockchain better.


While the AI, has gathered quite the attention of the public, the AI has limitations in that it only has information accessible till Dec 2021. Also, the site seems to be experiencing traffic congestion causing it to experience downtime and possible a crash.

Though AI is still in its infancy and it is experiencing glitches, the CEO of Twitter and Tesla, Elon Musk believes we are almost there.