South African Regulatory Board says Crypto Ads Must Now State that Investments ‘May Result in Loss of Capital’
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South African Regulatory Board says Crypto Ads Must Now State that Investments ‘May Result in Loss of Capital’

The Advertising Regulatory Board of South Africa has recently released new guidelines for crypto advertisements, aimed at ensuring that potential investors are fully informed of the risks associated with investing in digital currencies. The guidelines dictate that companies, celebrities, and influencers who promote crypto-related products and services must clearly and expressly state that investing in crypto assets may result in financial loss. This warning must be prominently displayed in any advertisement and must be worded in a way that is easily understood by the general public.

The directive also emphasizes the importance of balance in crypto advertisements, stating that they must be presented in a fair and objective manner, avoiding any misleading or exaggerated claims. The guidelines prohibit the presentation of past performance in a way that creates a favourable impression of the advertised product or service. Instead, they should provide a clear and accurate picture of the potential risks and rewards.

Furthermore, the guidelines also address the role of influencers and ambassadors in crypto advertising. These individuals are only allowed to share factual information and are prohibited from offering advice on trading, investing in crypto assets, or making any promises of benefits or returns. This is to ensure that the public is not misled by the opinions of these individuals who may not be experts in the field of crypto and may not fully understand the risks involved.

Crypto Ads Suffer a Decline

As the crypto market boomed in 2020 and 2021, major companies in the industry poured billions of dollars into advertising campaigns to promote their products and services., Coinbase, and the now-defunct crypto exchange FTX were among the companies that launched high-profile commercials, featuring celebrities such as Larry David, Jimmy Fallon, Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Tom Brady. These advertisements were seen on a wide range of platforms, including the Super Bowl, on the uniforms of major sports teams, and through social media.

However, following the recent crypto market collapse, a number of these celebrities have been named in lawsuits related to the collapse of investments they marketed. These lawsuits allege that these celebrities misled the public by promoting investments that ultimately resulted in financial loss. Despite the legal troubles, these celebrities have yet to comment on the situation.

The crypto market’s collapse has not only led to financial losses for investors, but also to legal troubles for companies and individuals who have promoted crypto-related products and services. This serves as a reminder of the inherent risks associated with the crypto market and the importance of thorough research and due diligence before investing in any crypto-related product.


Overall, these new guidelines are a step in the right direction to protect the public from potential financial loss due to crypto investments. By requiring clear and balanced advertisements, the Advertising Regulatory Board of South Africa is helping to ensure that investors are fully informed and able to make informed decisions about their crypto investments.

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